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Tour mates, Florida Georgia Line and Love and Theft, surprised Jake Owen when they came on stage in the middle of his set. What surprised Jake the most was the attire the boys were rocking!

With pacifiers in their mouths, they joined Jake on stage by wearing only diapers and cowboy boots, their way of congratulating the new daddy. Jake and his wife Lacey gave birth to their first child, Olive Pearl on Thanksgiving Day.

Check out the hilarious video of the prank gone RIGHT!

Today’s edition of Backwards Wednesday. Can you guess the song? 

Shania Twain officially made her comeback as she kicked off her ‘Shania: Still the One’ show in front of a sold out crowd at the Las Vegas Caesars Palace.  After an eight-year break from her concert days, she came back better than ever! She incorporated new elements to her new Las Vegas show such as, riding a motorcycle on stage, rocking a jeweled cat suit, and even bringing out a horse.

"Thank you. Thank you so much — you guys are going to get me all emotional, and then my eyelashes are going to fall off," Shania said to the audience.

If you are planning an upcoming Vegas trip check out all her show dates here.

The Farm was out with Milwaukee’s 106.1 fulfilling ‘random acts of gratefulness’ while promoting their newest single “Be Grateful”.

The band’s fiddle player Nick Hoffman tweeted photos throughout the day of some of the good deeds. 

  • We just bought groceries for all of these people!!! Random acts of  Gratefulness with FM106.1 !!! #begrateful #randomactsofgratefulness

 Check out the video above of some of the ways they spread the word! 

During the opening set of the 103.1 WIRK Country Christmas show in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jana Kramer announced that she was feeling ill and would be cutting her set short.  As she barely finished the final note to her hit single “Why you Wanna,” fellow country artist and boyfriend Brantley Gilbert rushed to her side to carry her off the stage. 

 Tiny of WIRK’s morning show was on the side stage when the incident took place.  “Clearly Jana was more sick than she led on” he said “but judging by her performance you would have never known it. We had gotten her a cake for her birthday so we were sad to hear she wasn’t feeling well enough to come over to the broadcast for her scheduled interview, however, after seeing Brantley carry her off the stage we completely understood.” 

She was taken to the hospital shortly after her exit from the stage.  She tweeted photos from her hospital bed, and this message to inform her fans of of how she was feeling. 

  • Alright so here’s the update! I’m okay. I’m on morphine and lots of liquid and other stuff. #dehydration #flu #etc ! Thanks for the love!”

This was a sudden turn of events as she tweeted photos earlier in the day of an off shore fishing trip with Brantley and WIRK staff. 

  • "Before my show tonight in West Palm i decided to go fishing and look what we caught!!! a BABY SHARK!!!!! (we let it go..but had to take pic)!!!!"

The Alan Jackson tour makes its final stop tonight [Sunday] in Tampa.  We wish her well and hope she doesn’t spend her birthday under the weather.  

Jerrod Niemann is bringing his next concert to your living room… literally! He will be streaming is upcoming Chicago performance live in order to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  For just $4.99 you can tune in and be apart of this amazing event.  

The concept of my new album, Free the Music, is celebrating where country music has been and where it is headed,” Jerrod explains, “So we partnered with to bring that same theme to our live show and use the internet to bring fans worldwide all together to one room.”

Get all the details and viewing information here. Make sure to live tweet with Jerrod (@JRodFromOz ) with the hashtag #jrodlive all throughout the show! 

Today’s edition of Backwards Wednesday. Can you guess the song? 

Ashley Monroe, Hippie Annie of the sensational group Pistol Annies, has a solo project in the works. Monroe will be releasing her new album, “Like a Rose” on January 22nd, 2013. 

Ashley opens up about the studio time, “We just got the band in a circle and started playing the songs, and once we felt like we had a feel for it, I’d do my vocal live—I never went back in to do a second vocal. Everyone put everything we had into the songs. There was a buzz in the room. We all had fun—it felt like a big old family, the way records used to be made.”

Here is an exclusive look into some of the songs off her new album. 

 “You Got Me,” co-written by Monroe and Karen Fairchild. Says Ashley, “It’s about an addiction to something—one thing or another, whether you’re stuck in a bad relationship or alcohol or whatever it is—and you try to hide it and fight it but you’re kind of saying, ‘Alright, you got me.’

On a more light-hearted note is “Monroe Suede,” based on “a slick character that tries to get away all the time.” Another is the self-explanatory “You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter),” a duet featuring CMA Entertainer of the Year Blake Shelton. “Morning After” confronts that uneasy feeling that often follows a too-good time and “She’s Driving Me Out Of Your Mind,” written with Jon Randall Stewart, comes straight from one of Ashley’s many journals. Singer-songwriter Shane McAnally, who co-wrote it with Monroe, suggested “Two Weeks Late”. “He came in and said, ‘I heard this phrase at the ATM: I’m a dollar short and two weeks late.’ That was another one that just fell out. I grabbed the guitar and we started writing it up.

“Used,” another standout, is an update of a song that appeared on Monroe’s Satisfied album. “It came to me when I was about 17 and my manager at the time had just bought me this old 1950s Gibson guitar,” she says. It came into my mind that things are worth more used, and I thought about my mom, who had lost my dad when she was 38. I was thinking, she had two kids, she’s been through a lot, and, bless her heart, it’s all gonna be worth it. Vince and I worked up this new version, which made it fresh for me.”

Make sure to mark your calendars for this release, I have a feeling its one you won’t want to miss! 

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