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During the opening set of the 103.1 WIRK Country Christmas show in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jana Kramer announced that she was feeling ill and would be cutting her set short.  As she barely finished the final note to her hit single “Why you Wanna,” fellow country artist and boyfriend Brantley Gilbert rushed to her side to carry her off the stage. 

 Tiny of WIRK’s morning show was on the side stage when the incident took place.  “Clearly Jana was more sick than she led on” he said “but judging by her performance you would have never known it. We had gotten her a cake for her birthday so we were sad to hear she wasn’t feeling well enough to come over to the broadcast for her scheduled interview, however, after seeing Brantley carry her off the stage we completely understood.” 

She was taken to the hospital shortly after her exit from the stage.  She tweeted photos from her hospital bed, and this message to inform her fans of of how she was feeling. 

  • Alright so here’s the update! I’m okay. I’m on morphine and lots of liquid and other stuff. #dehydration #flu #etc ! Thanks for the love!”

This was a sudden turn of events as she tweeted photos earlier in the day of an off shore fishing trip with Brantley and WIRK staff. 

  • "Before my show tonight in West Palm i decided to go fishing and look what we caught!!! a BABY SHARK!!!!! (we let it go..but had to take pic)!!!!"

The Alan Jackson tour makes its final stop tonight [Sunday] in Tampa.  We wish her well and hope she doesn’t spend her birthday under the weather.  

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